Thermal Imaging
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Thermal Imaging Only: Includes an estimate of 10 images

0-45 Miles from Waterford CA
1 Horse at location=$75
2 Horses or more at location=$55 each

46-60 Miles from Waterford CA
1 Horse at location=$125
2 Horses or more at location=$100 each

61 or more Miles from Waterford CA
1 Horse at location=$150
2 Horses or more at location=$125 each

Saddle evaluation(includes images of equine and saddle; may include images with rider weight if necessary)

0-45 Miles from Waterford CA=$75 each saddle/equine
46-60 Miles from Waterford CA=$125 each saddle/equine
61-110 Miles from Waterford CA=$150 each saddle/equine

Pay by the image (Thermal Imaging)

If you are already scheduled for a massage appointment and would like specific images, the first image will be $25 and then $15 per image thereafter. All images will be emailed to the address provided(no extra charge,this service is included in the price.)